Tips to Get a Home Inspected

When you make an offer on a home for sale, there are several conditions that the seller expects to include in the deal. One of these conditions is a home inspection. The home inspection is an essential step if you’re thinking about purchasing a house. Here are a few tips that Bayside Building Inspections recommends.

If the seller of the house refuses to have the home or building inspected, you should walk away and withdraw your offer. You can always find another house for sale. Refusing to have the house examined is a tell-tale sign that he/she is hiding something. There is no other reason why a home seller should deny this request since house inspections are considered standard conditions nowadays.

Hire yourself your home inspector. Unlike the realtor who wants to make a sale at any cost, the home inspector is on your side. Their job is to spot flaws in the house and then let you know the findings through the inspection report. Also, as the prospective buyer, do not use the seller or his/her realtor to set up the inspection.  It would be in their best interest to hire a home inspector who can produce an inspection report that favours the sale. The best thing is to look for an independent home inspector who can guarantee you a professional report and who has no conflict of interest as he has nothing to benefit from the deal.

Hire a professional inspector. Some people always try to save a few dollars by doing the inspections on their own or taking a friend to help them inspect the property. While it is good to have a look at the property with a friend and detect a few flaws, it is always wise to get an expert for the job. It will cost you some money to hire a professional home inspector, but it is a worthy investment since the inspector will detect problems that are not easily seen by the untrained eye. The inspector will save you from future problems which can cost you a fortune in repair costs.

Always look for a building inspector who can offer you a detailed building inspection report like they do at Bayside Building Inspections. In fact, before you hire any building inspector, you should ask to see samples of assessments they have worked on before. Ensure that the information given in their report is complete and easy to understand. Also, the statement should be backed up by photos when necessary to make it easier to understand. Also, the report needs to give recommendations where required and even suggest some repair work that can correct the structural flaws found after inspection. To buy or not to buy, you can then make the right decisions, if you have a thorough home inspection report.