DIY Home Inspection Tips

As a prospective home buyer, you need not be a professional home inspector to identify specific problems in a house. Regardless of whether you’re the ‘handy’ or more of the ‘book’ type, you can spot certain problematic areas with little guidance. Thus, if you’re in the process of buying a house and visiting different open houses, you need to keep your eyes open and note the following. With the tips mentioned below, DIY open house inspections Adelaide will be easy.

Discoloured walls and ceilings

When you visit an open house, take note of the walls and ceiling. If there is any form of discolouration on the walls or ceiling, then that is a clear indication of water damage. The water damage can be as a result of a roofing problem, leaking pipes, broken pipes, problematic windows and doors etc. Repairs related to water damage are costly, and so you need to avoid them at all cost which includes forgoing such properties when shortlisting.

Wood damage

If there’re hardwood floors, be sure to check for any signs of damage. More specifically, check for lines that resemble trails of some kind. It can be an indication of termite damages or other wood-destroying pests. Also, if there are wood beams in the basements, be sure to check for any indicators of wood damage by pests. Such damages can weaken the house structure, and the cost of repair is over the roof.

Dampness in basement

If a home you’re considering has a basement, be sure to look for signs of excessive moisture while down there. Any dampness can mean that the basement floods or there is water seepage during heavy storms. Such humidity can as well result in mould growth which thrives in moist and dark environments. The last thing you need is such issues when you become a homeowner and hence the need to be cautious.

Cracked foundation

Before you leave the open house, be sure to check around the exterior of the home for signs of damage to the foundation or the outer structure. Sometimes there is a large crack(s) going across a section of the house’s foundation. Although this not always an indicator of serious issues, it is worth noting such flaws.

As you can see, DIY open house inspections Adelaide can save you a lot of problems. If in any case, you discover any of the above issues or any other concern, you need to hire professional building inspectors. The inspectors will check more than what you can see and will know which problems are severe and which are tolerable.

Sometimes you may find no problems, but the inspectors have the right tools to detect even the smallest problems for example cracked beams and pest infestations. They will save you lots of trouble and hence the need to work with a building inspection company before deciding to buy a home.